Dismorfologijos vasara Dismorfologijos ruduo

"Dysmorphology summer/Dysmorphology autumn'' – the international scientific - practical conference, which was organised by the VUH SK Centre for Medical Genetics for the first time in 2015. Since its inception, the aim has been to bring young physicians, medical specialists and trained dysmorphologists together to improve skills in the field of dysmorphology. Dysmorphology experts from various countries of the world are visiting the conference. They give lectures, share their professional experience and discuss with colleagues the clinical challenges. The conference also provides live consultations, where clinical geneticists present their patients with unclear diagnoses. They are discussed with visiting physicians - experts, suggesting possible diagnoses and a further strategy for testing these patients. Considering the benefits of these meetings for both professionals and patients, the conference grows every year and it is aimed to invite even more colleagues not only from Lithuania, but also from other countries.


History of dysmorphology events