The Journal Club of the Department of Human and Medical Genetics is a gathering of the DHMG community organized every other week to encourage the discussion of relevant topics of human genetics. During the meetings club members review interesting publications as well as their own human genetics related activities. The club members are encouraged to share the information between human genetics researchers of different profiles with the topics including molecular genetics, cytogenetics, sports medicine, population genetics as well as the laboratory protocols and data analysis with the use of bioinformatical tools. The discussions are held in English to make them accessible to all members of the community and to encourage the members to use an international language.


„Journal Club“ curators: Evelina Siavrienė, Alina Urnikytė

Time: every second Wednesday at 15:00.

Place: F135A auditorium

Invited participants: DHMG community and DHMG students

For speakers: please send the name and date of the proposed presentation to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Laima Ambrozaitytė Whole exome sequencing data analysis



2018 12 05 Fortevento Microsoft Genomics opportunities for the analysis of genetic data
2018 09 26 Pierangelo Veltri On applying data management techniques to extract information from clinical and biological data
2018 06 06 Tautvydas Rančelis Interactome INSIDER tool
2018 05 23 Alina Urnikytė Detecting signatures of adaptive positive selection from high–density genotyping data in the Lithuanian population
2018 05 09 Laura Pranckėnienė Distribution and rates of exonic de novo mutations in patients with intellectual disability
2018 03 28 Birutė Tumienė European Joint Program on Rare Diseases
2018 03 14 Evelina Siavrienė Functional genome analysis
2018 02 28 Karolis Šablauskas Neurogenetic School Experience
2017 11 24 Violeta Mikštienė Birutė Tumienė Presentations of the PhD thesis
2017 10 27 Erinija Pranckevičienė Bioinformatic analysis of nucleosome sequences
2017 10 06 Eva Tretjak Selection and analysis of low-quality reads produced by next-generation sequencing analysis algorithm
2017 04 25 Masters students of Medical genetics Master thesis presentations
2017 04 21   Replaced because of scientific conferance "DNA Day in Lithuania 2017"
2017 04 07   Replaced because of International Conference of Huntington Disease
2017 03 17 Danutė Vansevičiūtė Deletions of mtDNA: clinical significance and research methods
2017 03 03 Laura Pranckėnienė Genome data processing and annotation: a Dutch experience
2017 02 02 Eva Tretjak The human genome
2017 01 06 Valentina Ginevičienė Athlome consorcium FIMS16
2016 12 09 Birutė Tumienė Contemporary gamut of monogenic epilepsies: EpiGene database
2016 10 28 Tautvydas Rančelis Presentation of the PhD thesis
2016 10 14

Masters students of Medical genetics

Summer practice reports
2016 05 20 Masters students of Medical genetics Master thesis presentations
2016 05 06 Gabrielė Žukauskaitė, Karolis Baronas

An overview of the analysis of next-generation sequencing data

2016 04 01 Gabrielė Žukauskaitė, Karolis Baronas Next-generation sequencing methods
2016 03 04 Ingrida Uktverytė Integrative analysis of 111 reference human epigenome
2016 01 15 Audronė Jakaitienė Detection of Rare Mutations using Beta-Binomial model in Next-generation sequencing Experiment
2015 12 18 Alina Urnikytė Ancient Human Genomes
2015 11 20 Ieva Savickytė Synthetic biology approaches: Vilnius iGEM team and the ColiClock project
2015 11 06 Tautvydas Rančelis Human reference genome. The differences between versions GRCh37 (hg19) and GRCh38 (hg38)
2015 10 23   Replaced because of scientific-practical conference "AUTUMN OF DYSMORPHOLOGY - 2015"
2015 05 22 Erinija Pranckevičienė Introduction to Cytoscape
2015 04 03 Erinija Pranckevičienė Galaxy platform
2015 02 13 Erinija Pranckevičienė A system for genotype-phenotype link analysis by using MeSH anotations of PubMed articles.
2015 01 30 Dominyka Batkovskytė/ Valentina Ginevičienė Sports genetics
2015 01 16 Aidas Pranculis Pharmacogenomics in Lithuania