Doctoral theses prepared and/or defended at the Department of Human and Medical Genetics (including institutions preceding the DHMG)

Specialist Thesis defence year Scientific degree Title of the dissertation
B. Tumienė 2017 PhD Genomic factors in epilepsy etiological structure and diagnostics
V. Mikštienė 2017 PhD The genomics of congenital / hereditary hearing loss: influence on pathogenesis and the phenotypic manifestation in the Lithuanian population
T. Rančelis 2016 PhD Diversity analysis of pathogenic genomic variants and genes that cause the autosomal recessive diseases using whole exome sequencing
I.Uktverytė 2014 PhD Analysis of genetic structure of Lithuanian ethno-linguistic groups using informative genomic markers
I.Domarkienė 2014 PhD Investigation of the genetic structure of Lithuanian population, based on the analysis of disease-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms
E.Preikšaitienė 2013 PhD Evaluation of the impact of genomic structural alterations on the phenome in patients with intelectual disability
A.Matulevičienė 2013 PhD Impact of genomic variants on phenotypic variety of congenital facial clefts
Ž.Čiuladaitė 2013 PhD The distribution of unbalanced chromosomal rearrangements in the human genome and its role in the aetiopathogenesis of intellectual disability
L.Ambrozaitytė 2011 PhD Determination of genomic variants of the complex aetiology cleft lip and (or) palate In Lithuanian patient group
V. Ginevičienė 2010 PhD Analysis of the variety of human genome loci associated with fast and long-lasting adaptation to the load of physical activity
L. Cimbalistienė 2009 (HP) Inherited metabolic diseases and genetic counselling
A. Utkus 2009 (HP) Rare diseases: phenomics and genetic counselling
V. Šliužas 2008 PhD Chromosomal structure rearrangements origin, diversity and frequency in Lithuanian population
A. Morkūnienė 2007 PhD Identification of the allelic variants of some candidate genes associated with pathogenesis of nonsyndromic cleft lip and (or) palate
D. Kasperavičiūtė 2004 PhD Human mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome variation and microevolutionary processes in Lithuania
E. Benušienė 2003 PhD Screening for mutations in the patients with osteogenesis imperfecta and evaluation of the effect of mutations for clinical manifestation of the disease
J. Kasnauskienė 2003 PhD Spectrum of rare mutations of phenylalanine hydroxylase gene in Lithuania and their phenotypical manifestation
A. Utkus 2001 PhD Etiology, diagnostics, structure and incidence of congenital anomalies in children in Lithuania
I. Verbienė 1999 PhD The role of certain cytogenetic changes in the sex hormone-dependent male cancer development
D. Juščienė 1998 PhD Clinical genetic and population analysis of congenital hypothyroidism in Lithuania
A. Rybalko 1998 PhD Evaluation of predictive value of the modified direct method in detection of chromosomal anomalies in human fetus
L. Cimbalistienė 1996 PhD The evaluation of dependence of phenotypical polymorphism and the outcome of treatment on genotype in phenylketonuria
V. Jurgelevičius 1993 PhD Biochemical diagnostics and investigation of molecular heterogeneity of phenylketonuria in Lithuanian population
V. Kučinskas 1987 Habil.dr. (genetics) Genetic process in contemporary Lithuanian population
V. Kučinskas 1974 PhD (biology-genetics) Population genetics analysis of allergic diseases